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If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, something that says HELLO, or even something that just fits in, you’ve come to the right place. I hope you find a piece of art that fits you and your personality. Everything is reasonable prices, and can be negotiated. My paintings are waiting to be viewed, or even just maybe hung up on your wall. To contact me just leave a comment on my page, email me, add me on or just pick up your phone and call me. My email address is, My phone number to the public website is 1-347-618-1366. If you reach me after hours please leave a brief detailed message including your name and contact information where I can reach you. My business hours are 10a.m.-6p.m. on weekdays ONLY. Saturday and Sunday I will be closed for business so I will be taking messages ONLY. To purchase a painting you may leave a cash deposit on the piece you are going to purchase until you pay. We only give a certain time period to pay the full amount. We only accept CASH or MONEY ORDERS, we DO NOT, I repeat  we DO NOT accept CREDIT CARDS or PERSONAL CHECKS. Prices may vary on how much money was put in to the piece at the time, including the materials and ratings of viewers. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you.

Dance’Lez Love

My Take

It’s very easy to walk into a gallery and view artwork, but when you ask the price it’s always going to be high in most cases. I work out of home, using only just my mind and electronics such as my phone and my computer. I have no reason to over price my art, most people like myself are trying to live decent in this economy.  Every now and then I will be having art viewings, the walk in fee will be as little as $5.00 in most cases. I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, any appointments I schedule will be met outside of my home at a nice public location.

Did you just move into your apartment?

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift that’s inexpensive?

They say “A picture lasts longer”
You’ve come to the right place….


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About alyssa1120

Alyssa is a young woman exploring her fields, trying to get her artwork out there for the world to see. She lives in New York, NY. There has been moments where she has given up, but she hops right back on track. She is talented at drawing and painting. She is eager to get people to notice her work, and eventually sell her paintings. She is just a phone call away from gladly putting one of her pieces on your wall. View all posts by alyssa1120

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